Pre Workout Muscle Primer

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This Pre-Workout was formulated by bodybuilders for bodybuilders to work in synergy with all other substances athletes commonly use as part of their training regime. This formulation is one hundred percent original and innovative and not a copy of any formulation that previously existed.

Ciccone Muscle Primer focusses on muscle pumps with medium stimulants. Our aim was to steer away from maximum stimulants that picks up the heart rate and gives you energy over a short period but then gives you a major crash or downer.
Ciccone Muscle Primer will give you a medium but sustained release of stimulants that will bring you down slowly after your workout.

Focus on major muscle pumps are obtained by adding the maximum amount of L-Citruline Malate (6 grams) per serving. L-Citruline Malate is a precursor to Arganine, L-Arganine converts to Nitric Oxide. The key is the Nitric Oxide because the main function of anabolic steroids is to retain nitrogen in the muscle. The more nitrogen supplied to the muscle the bigger the anabolic swole. In other words when you are stacking anabolics with this pre workout your pumps will be insane.

Ciccone Muscle Primer also holds three insulin mimickers that increases the glucose uptake and in combination with the 20 grams of carbs (highly branched cyclic dextrin, dextrose, maltodextrin and fructose in ratios scientifically proven for fastest uptake) this pre-workout pumps the carbs straight to the muscle for maximum pumps. If you are used to taking insulin as a pre-workout with carbs then this is a nice alternative if you want to give the insulin a break.

Ciccone Muscle Primer achieves mental focus during your workout by virtue of agents like N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and different types of caffeine. But the number one ingredient that’s worth mentioning is Huperzine A.
This very controversial ingredient is almost impossible to get your hands on and we are one of very few brands who are able to include it as part of our formula. If there is any ingredient that screams “hard-core”then it is Huperzine A.

Apart from these exotic and interesting very high dosed ingredients this pre-workout is also the home of ingredients that are conservatively essential to build muscle like BCAA’s, Betaine and Creatine Hydrochloride. This pre-workout was well thought out and we tried to tick all the boxes a hard-core bodybuilder would want ticked.